A Progressive Platform in 10 Points

I. Prioritize diplomacy over police or military action
   a. relief programs as opposed to jets and missiles
   b. mental health programs as opposed incarceration
   c. outlaw death penalty
   d. dismantle the prison industrial complex.
II. Promote Progressive taxes
   a. poor do not pay
   b. richest pay the most
   c. labor, wages taxed the least
   d. interest, passive taxed the most
   e. border adjustment tax
   f. regulatory and taxation preference towards democratically operated organizations
   g. stricter regulations and higher taxes on organizations with least equality
   h. penalize pollution
III. Promote unions and collective bargaining
   a. preference towards industrial unions
   b. preference towards democratically run unions
   c. repeal Taft-Hartley 1947
IV. Regulate finance industry
   a. reinstall Glass-Steagall 1933
V. Provide world class standard public option for needs
   a. transportation
   b. healthcare
   c. 911
   d. housing
   e. food
   f. education
   g. job training
VI. Allow localities to decide issues as opposed to undue state or federal interference
VII. Build relationships with peaceful democracies.
VIII. Consider theocracies, military governments, oligarchies, and human rights       violators as adversaries
IX. Streamline military spending on weapons and vehicles. Expand veteran’s services.
X. Oppose discrimination against people based on ethnicity, sex, who they love, or religious views.